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Terken slowly climbed onto the island, his feet slipping on the dark mud that outlined the edge of the island. Drips of swamp water plopped onto the yellow sand, creating small dark circles that sunk into the island's ground. The creature still did not acknoweldge him, standing still, his back turned to Terken. Terken slowly rose, the wetness of the swamp causing his tattered clothing to stick to his body like a thick second skin. He stopped where he was, and for a few seconds, neither spoke or moved. Terken stared at the back of the massive figure. It was well muscled, he could tell from the folds it's back created, and its arms too, were barely contined in the long sleeves of the cloak. Terken walked towards the beast slowly, taking two inquisitive and tenative steps, his barren feet sinking into the sand of the island. He could smell the pod, which was still expelling white smoke. It stank of cleaniness, like a strong disinfictant that Terken had used to clean his wounds on numerous occasions.

The behemoth remained still. It hadn't moved since it had killed the reptile-like creatures, whose bodies were still crackling from the monster's strange powers. Terken smelled their bodies too, a sickly smell, the stink of burned flesh and blood. They had not died an easy death.

"Where am I, Human?" The creature asked, suddenly. It took Terken a few seconds to understand what it had said, to his ears it sounded like share sam-Sai, Shuu-man?

"Xemenbagh" Terken said simply.

"Xemenbagh?" Semenbazgh? The beast repiled, testing the foreign words on it's tongue.

Terken nodded, even though he was behind the creature. But he knew, somehow, that the creature knew he nodded, as if the creature had sensed him.

"What is your name, Shuu-man?" The beast asked. It turned it's hodded head towards him.

"Terken Dert...." The boy trailed off. He didn't know how to address the creature, he certaintly couldn't call it monster or beast as he had been in his head.

"Sir", He finally settled on. The creature turned to face him, and Terken had to do everything he could to keep from jumping back into the swampy waters.

It had dark, yellow eyes that gleamed like glowing swampy pools reflecting the sun's deadly rays. He was covered in dark, scaled skin, which was covered in scars, the tell-tale pink lines- Old wounds that had healed over, zig-zagging it's face. It had a reptilian face, but not as lizard-like as the creatures it had killed. It's face was flatter, less comical and more dangerous. It's mouth was closed, but it didn't take a leap of faith for Terken to assume it was lined with razor sharp teeth. Which caused Terken to trace his eyes down the alien's muscled arms and to his hands. While the long (albeit tight) sleeves obscured his actual hands, four razor-sharp white claws poked unassumingly from it's dark sleeves.

"What are you?" Terken asked. His voice was fearful, but his fear was laced with childlike curiousity, which the beast sensed.

He heard a low grumble coming from the alien, which he realized, after seeing it's face contort in more horrendous ways, was laughter.

"I am Trandoshan, T'doshok" It answered. It's massive scaled hands raised to it's hood and pulled it down, revealing it's face, now more visible from Xemenbagh's sunlight.

"My name, Shuu-man, is Tetinark Ghost, And I am wanted dead" Trintenark rasped.


"Did I make my words unclear, Shuu-man?"

"No, that's just one hell of an introduction if I've ever seen one"

More grumbles, more laughter. Tetinark smiled- Or what seemed like a smile, his teeth were exposed, to say the least. He's either laughing or planning to eat me Terken thought to himself.

"Do you have any kin?" Tetinark asked. Kin sounded like skin.

"No, My mother and father are both dead." Terken said simply. Trintenark's face took on a look of genuine suprise. "What happened to them?" It asked.

"I killed them both." Terken said, the words had to escape his mouth like prisoners from a cellblock. His eyes took on a darker tone, not the curious almost childish look that they had before. Tetinark smiled to himself. This one will do nicely.

Terken answered him without any question being asked. "I'll tell you why later, but let's get out of this swamp-Well, the planets all swamp, I should say lets get out of this particular swamp. I have a dwelling" He said quickly, and walked past Tetinark. He waded into the swamp once more, looking back at the giant Trandoshan.

"Follow my lead, or else you'll drown or get eaten by something or a number of somethings" He said, hearing the low grumble of laughter behind him. He didn't know what he was doing, leading this creature to his home. But, Terken thought, To be honest, I don't really care and with that, he lead his new guest deeper into Xemenbagh, away from the island that had been the setpiece that started it all.