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Ambush + explosive probe at end of cast. It's less than 3 seconds (ambush is 2.5 second cast + instant cast at the it's a total time of 2.5 seconds) & with adrenal + trinket if they both crit together can do over 13k.

At least that's what I'm told by snipers (without combat log, I have no way of knowing if they are telling the truth).

If I remember right, I think ambush + takedown is supposed to be even more damage if the target is <30%

Different spec maybe? There are three specs, from what I understand one spec is sustained, one spec is aoe, one spec is burst.
You know that using your trinkets and using your adrenals = more time cause of the cool down? which means 1 sec for trink and 1 sec for adrenal means 4.5 second cast total.

not to mention you have to be lucky as hell for both moves to crit. What you're referring to if pretty unrealistic considering it's based alot on luck lol I mean maybe it could happen but chances are slim and you have to use adrenal and trinket.