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In less then 2. So thats in 1 GcD 13k dmg.
Dude just go away.
Ambush + explosive probe at end of cast. It's less than 3 seconds (ambush is 2.5 second cast + instant cast at the it's a total time of 2.5 seconds) & with adrenal + trinket if they both crit together can do over 13k.

At least that's what I'm told by snipers (without combat log, I have no way of knowing if they are telling the truth).

If I remember right, I think ambush + takedown is supposed to be even more damage if the target is <30%

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That's horribly wrong. The sniper in my guild is MM and he can't do 13k dmg in 2 gcds and he has full rakata.
Different spec maybe? There are three specs, from what I understand one spec is sustained, one spec is aoe, one spec is burst.
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Ivy league educated research scientist working on solar cell development. So yeah, I have no need to feel "accomplished" in a videogame.
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Call me when you've got 2 written recommendations from Nobel laureates and have attended annual private functions at the White House.