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No, this was an entirely different pod. It was made out of a metal that Terken had never seen before, a shiny metal that seemed to be resistant to the swamp waters and mud that were common to Xemenbagh. Now, Terken would have gone to this pod and explored it right when it touched down, but he couldn't. The problem was this: The pod had touched down on the planet; A flaming beacon, leaving a blue-streak in the sky, like a painters wild brush, leading every scanveger to the pod's exact location. Terken waited, because it
wasn't Human scavengers that had taken an interest in the pod. Twelve reptillian-like creatures, each one about 4 feet tall, poked about the pod. They were armed, with bolt rifles and pistols strapped to their bodies. They had long-snouted faces, with dripping noses and wide-green eyes. Tails almost as long as their bodies whipped about them. Corpses of human scavengers bubbled as they sank deeper into the swamp. These aliens, of which Terken had never seen, were obviously not the friendly type. If he had tried to inspect the pod-He would be shot by these creatures. And so, he waited. The swamp water was hot and humid, and almost had a calming effect on him. He was perfectly still, his head just above the water, his eyes trained on the small island where the pod had landed. Dark brown hair, mixed with mud, stuck to the sides of his face, and his dark eyes matched the color of the swamp's dank water. He could wait here for hours, if necessary. The creatures had made almost no progress in opening the pod: They yelled at each other in their strange hissing tongue and they tried tool after tool, and finally, bolt-fire, to open the pod. The tools broke, and the bolts bounced harmlessly off the pod and landed in the swamp with a silent plop.

The creatures marched around and about the island, angry yet unable to change their situation.

Just leave Terken thought to himself. He eyed them with a patience that was starting to wane, tempted to just rush the creatures. He tried to justify that stupid action with various plans that were foolish at their inception in his head. But suddenly, the Pod hissed loudly, a sound that, Terken realized, was similiar to the sound of the creature's language. The reptiles jumped and ran around the pod with excitement, and stopped, aiming their weapons at the pod. Even Terken was caught in the suspense, having stopped breathing, focused on the pod. A hatch opened, slowly, thick white smoke rising from inside the pod. From inside the smoke, Terken could see the silhouette of a tall, dark figure straightening itself from within the smoke-screen. The smoke dissipated, not naturally, but from some invisible force, revealing a being that stood almost 7 feet tall, with large, sloping shoulders that were poorly hidden underneath a gray cloak that hodded the figure's head.

It didn't take the creatures long to react. With a soundless order, they shot at the figure, the sound of bolts being released from the rifles and pistols that the aliens held. The bolts were left suspened in the air, meters from the barrels they were fired from. The figure stood still, having left the pod, now standing a few inches from it. A hooded head turned, counting the number of reptiles that surrounded it. It raised it's hand, which Terken realized was clawed and scaled. Lighting erupted from the hand, and engulfed all twelve creatures in it's deadly embrace. Terken watched, unable to run or yell out, amazed, and envious of this creature's power.