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12.13.2011 , 10:39 AM | #1
I called EA Canada in regards to ensuring my CE would be in my hands prior to the lock on dec 20. They said they have no intentions of releasing prior to the street date of dec 20?!? This includes pre-orders. Which conflicts with Stephen Reid's statement saying they are working with all retailers to ensure the physical copy is in consumer's hands by lock period.

I understand EA Canada is a subdivision of EA Games(US) but seriosuly? Can someone talk some sense into them?

I spoke with Futureshop Canada and they basically have said the same thing stating they have received no such notice other then to ship the game on the street launch day... sigh

So basically my online preorder of my CE edition from Futureshop Canada not such a good idea, i guess? It doesn't make much sense the game is locked until launch date.