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Terken Dert was a lowlife, even among the rabble that inhabited his outpost. He had very few skills, and the skills that he did have were oftened limited to theft and violence, skills which he had excelled in. He was a survivor. And for survivors like himself, theft and violence were very, very necessary.

But Terken found himself using one of his least honed skills: Waiting. On Xemenbagh, this rugged swamp-world, waiting was a skill that was almost never employed. Except for today. For Terken, hidden amongst the watery undergrowth of Xemenbagh's floor, He saw something worth waiting for. It was a pod. Or what seemed like a pod. It didn't look like any escape pod he had seen (He had seen many, soldiers belonging to various warlords often jettisoned here, only to quickly be eaten by Xemenbagh's predators, leaving Terken ample opportunity to scavange weapons and supplies)