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03.01.2012 , 04:37 AM | #181
Firstly, thank you for an excellent Codex, it really has helped me shape my Assassin!

Secondly, I accidentally found something out that I really have not seen anywhere, guide or not (though I must confess I can only read through so many guides and forum threads).

While soloing a Heroic I cast Mind Trap on one mob to tie it up, then proceeded to kill off everyone else normally. At the end of the first part of the fight I got a bit away from the trapped mob and was too lazy to run over to it, so I used Force Pull to bring it to me.
That's when I noticed that Force Pull do not break your Mind Trap.

I guess since the Force Pull have only aggro effect and no damage it won't break the trap (and Mind Trap states that damage will break it).

So for multiple mobs you can Mind Trap, then run away a bit and pull the trapped mob from the rest of the pack (possibly while sending in your pet if you have a tank companion up), then run in to join the fight. Mind Trapped mob is now far away from the rest and you can use AoE effects to your liking.
Sure, when the mob breaks it will be pretty pissed on you, but since I am a tank I don't mind.

Sorry if it was common knowledge, but I honestly did not know about it before i stumbled upon it.
The sections on Crowd Control, Mind Trap and Force Pull don't mention it either.

All tips and tricks are nice, and this certainly makes handling groups of mobs easier.

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