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All of my sith are traitors at heart, and they take every opportunity to undermine the empire. They even refuse some missions, just because they know there is no good ending, even with the light side choice.

They told the jedi on korriban the truth that he was being manipulated after helping him escape. They refused to poison the slaves on Dromund Kaas with a quick death. They're still rebelling last time I visited. I have dozens more examples.

If I could have had a choice to stay with my SW master, I would have joined him just to have the chance to kill the emperor myself. As it is, I plot against the emperor from the inside, and I patiently wait for my opportunity.

Yeah, my sith are anti-villain.
Yup. Almost the same thing with my Sith Warrior Jugg Alt. He's trying to destroy the empire from within, well atleast the evil, insane, corrupted one. And in place, he sort of wants an empire that's pretty much like the "Modern British Empire". The Commonwealth is one of the most progressive, have the best quality of life in the countries that are under its banner. (i.e. NZ, Aus, Canada, etc..) Not yet 50, but currently 1250 LS points and 0 Dark side points. I hate the evil empire NPC's who require you to kill this, kill that, etc, especially for no reason, and my character loves to bash those *****s' noses in, but he's totally nice to the weak and to those in need of his help, and he defends them. (So, yeah, he totally hates Darth Baras and answers back in disgust :P) He only kills(storywise) if it's absolutely, really necessary, or if it's someone bad and is basically a waste of space in the SW universe.

Since my Main is a T5 Light sided Jedi Consular Seer, my SW sort of is part of something like the Empire's Operation of
But the version for the republic. But then he doesn't really work for the republic, he just wants the Sith Empire to be good So basically, he's like a Sheep in Wolf's Clothing.

Am Actually thinking of gathering people who have the same mindset as that and starting a guild. It will prolly be based in one of the Oceanic Servers(but anywhere could do, west coast more pref if can't go Oceanic. From NZ here) Cause I'm really sick and tired of grouping up with people who play the empire and play it DS and then criticize you for choosing Light. "Light Side?!? ***!?! Be Evil..yada, yada, yada.." Well, FYI, this is my $15 a month and this is how I want to play it, so don't diss. I didn't diss you if you wanted to kill the general in BT and so on...

So yeah, if any of you out there want to start a guild that would cater to us like minded LS Sith, PM me! I'm RPing it like we're deep undercover agents, trying to change the Empire from within.