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02.29.2012 , 12:39 PM | #135
I'm in agreement with the OP.

We aren't really a hardcore raiding guild mainly because there's nothing hardcore to raid. We raid at most 11 and a half hours a week. We took our time getting 16 players to do 16 mans, walked in and cleared 16m normal in one try with 50% of the raid never having raided in SWTOR. We then flipped it to hardmode and 1 shot the first 4 bosses, after 3 attempts on Soa he was down. The next week it took us 7 or 8 attempts and Soa was dead on NiM mode, we one shot everything else. KP has gone the same way. Jarg and Sorno was the only interesting fight in there and took us a day to figure out. We 1 shot Bonecrusher, got foreman in 3 or 4 attempts once people quit being idiots and getting hit by rocks, and 1 shot fabricator. We had some bug issues after being lazy going to karraga and lost 3 people on trash pulls that couldn't zone back into our version of the instance. We didn't really want to reset it so we took 1 shot at Karraga with 13 people and got him to 45%. We walked back in the next day with our normal raid team and 1 shot him. Now we raid for an hour and a half on Tuesday and Thursday, everything gets killed, and we go about our merry way, it's not enough to keep me subscribed right now once my 3 months runs out towards the end of march.