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I agree with the OP on the whole.

I'm from a guild that runs casually but regularly. Raiding is the main event of the week for us and its been this way for years in WOW.

I want to add something that bugs me regarding raiding at current - group set up.

I expect to run with the same group each week in the same roles. Tank numbers pee me off at the moment. Current content (even 16 man) needs 1 tank mainly - with some encounters requiring 2 and some none. Its ridiculous. How can I have a standard group with the encounters varying so much?

I would like fights to be designed around a 2 tank, 3 healer, 3 DPS (or whatever) group every single time. Ok - the odd execption is allowed but most fights should have a mechanic in them to engage and challenge each role.

This is especially bad atm where we do not have Dual Spec. A tank or healer can't just swap spec and be something else... you are asking them to run as a crap DPS with tank/heal talents. But Dual spec is certainly not the answer: tanks prefer to tank, healers prefer to heal.

Taking tanking as an example (as I am one) i think BW really need to think about 2 tank roles in their encounters. If one tank is on the boss, they need to ask 'OK, what is the other tank doing?'

They can be tanking an add(s), waiting to taunt off due to a debuff, taunting the boss for a big spike in damage or even running into things to suck up damage. It doesn't matter what they do -its that they need to be doing something.

Other questions that need answering at design stage:
'What are the healers doing - what do they need to watch out for?'
'What stops the DPS from just standing still and mashing buttons all through the fight?'
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