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This is a repost of the story I had worked with on my first account. I decided to return to it, with some minor changes to characters and events.
English isnt my first language so, don't be too brutal x.x

10,000 ABY

The flags of the old empire flapped against rusted metallic poles in the dusty air. Gigantic buildings crumbled and fell, pieces of the old architecture falling into the endless, dark abyss. Nature had overtaken the planet: vines snaked and choked the still standing structures, crawling up from the bowels of the deserted city. Trees rose and towered over slumping metallic giants, a natural poetic statement about the fragility of sentient life. Another gust of wind blew, causing the old flag of the rodian empire to rip off itís pole. Talzin watched with green eyes: still visible through his T-shaped visor, as it flew from the building he was standing on, and into the maw of the city.

Talzin looked back at his ship. The Reverie. It was a dusty old thing, with battered paint and rust forming at the folded wings. It hummed silently, like a beast in hibernation. A small, one-man fighter, he had been able to travel here in seven days. It was record time, in his opinion. Of the few pilots he met in his travels, most took weeks, not days, to travel the distance he had.

An armoured glove reached to his side, pulling a nine-shot bolt-pistol from itís holster. It was fully loaded, the bullets hidden within their chambers, waiting to be expunged and thrust into the soft, warm bodies of any person, or animal, that decided to take a violent interest in him. He looked up to the sky. Sunlight still reached the planet, but the sun itself was obscured; Dark clouds that seemed to be constantly in motion were rolling over and over again above him, in a seemingly endless struggle. Talzin activated the flashlight that was attached to his helm, near his left eye, and began his descent into the city. He was looking for a temple: A lost religion, from a different time. Before the war that had destroyed everything and replaced it with what seemed a cheap imitation of how things were before.

Talzin sighed, and began moving down the building. As he did, he realized the building had actually fallen on itís side, a steady, but sloping corpse of technology. This was Coruscant, the dead throne of the empire.