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Do you walk the difficult path of a Jedi, or follow the credits like Boba Fett?

Star Wars: The Old Republic allows you to pick from a wide variety of character classes and species, and then follow that hero through the Star Wars universe. But there are so many choices, it can be difficult to decide between all of them! How do you choose?

Strategery Games has put together a SWTOR Class/Species/Alignment Quiz to help you make the decision!

Whether you prefer taking the fight to your enemy, withstanding all incoming attacks, or helping your allies continue fighting, the quiz will help you determine what to play based on your playstyle, your favorite characters from the Star Wars universe, and many other factors. So enjoy the SWTOR What Class Quiz, along with Species and Alignment, thrown in for fun!

Once you've taken it, report back here with what you are!


(You can even see what the next best choices are by hitting "Show All Category Scores" at the end of the quiz!)