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02.29.2012 , 01:06 AM | #133
This is probably one of the worst aspects of SW:TOR. Response times are the worst I have seen in an MMO with the possible exception of Funcom games. Solutions are rarely found for any problem submitted and the vast bulk of the time you simply receive a generic template reply which indicates that they cannot assist you with your problem but that it has been forwarded on to the appropriate department so that it does not occur in future. With the number of bugs present in the game since release this kind of customer service is entirely inadequate and unacceptable.
Nice post overall, this I wanted to comment on. I remember BioWare hiring people through EA jobs for at home customer service in game, and I honestly feel that the low quality is due to this. But I hope at least that regardless of who responds to us the reports are being dealt with and that 1.2 truly has as much bug fixes and updates that has been mentioned and they continue to retool the game to how the community reacts. They're doing it, and ahead of the curve for the most part. Their goal I believe was for more story so if they can get the endgame in the right place I will stay here for a long time. I also feel that there are not enough people in PTR, or possibly even aware of it.
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