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Interesting. This is copied directly from my invoice as a line item.

Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ Digital Deluxe Edition Pre-Order Fee (PC Download)


I don't see anything about getting the $5 back. Why am I paying a fee for preordering the game after seeing a notice about a 5 day head start as part of the promotion? Perhaps you shouldn't assume everyone is an idiot. Some folks didn't pay extra for their preorder, but I did, with the idea I was getting 5 days head start. Apparently I didn't read some small print somewhere, but I'm not going to die over it. I paid for the collector's edition. I am obviously looking forward to playing. If I have to wait to the official launch day I'm not going to cry over it. Still, I think this whole thing was a bit misleading.
That is Origin's fee that you must pay, it has nothing to do with BioWare.