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Here's what i did

1-10 starting zone

imperial fleet (crew skills and specialization)

10-15 Coruscant

15-16 Coruscant Bonus series

16-20 Taris

20-21 Taris Bonus series

21-25 Nar Shaddaa

25-28 Tatooine

28-30 Tatooine bonus series

Do all your space battles for the better part of a level

30-32 Nar shadda Bonus series (obtained from the fleet)

32-35 Balmorra

35-36 Balmorra Bonus series

36-37 Quesh

37-39 Hoth (40 is doable but unlikely as no one really does the heroics there)

39-40 Alderaan Bonus series (obtained from the fleet)

40-44 Belsavis

44-45 Belsavis Bonus series

45-47 Voss

47-48 Hoth Bonus series (obtained at the fleet)

48-50 Corellia (it is totally possible to hit 50 before stepping foot on Ilum)

50 Ilum

there you guys go... hope this helps, have fun all and enjoy the game.