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No need for guides of any kind in this game. You have two basic types of quests going on with each planet, your main class quests and then the basic planet story line that is no trouble because one quest will lead you to the next area and so on. WoW on the other hand had so many quests and story lines there was no way you could finish them all.

SWTOR is way too easy, they keep talking about adding end content for level 50 characters, but what about adding content all around. I am sorry but I have 4 characters going on at once and itís no problem leveling them up and I still donít play all that much. Get with it Bioware/EA make a game that is actually a challenge to play. However, on the positive note there are so many other things that are good about the game which does make it fun to play. It still just feels like a game that does not seem to have a lot going on.
Then why did you bump it? The last post before yours was several weeks ago and this thread was on its way out. You bumped it and brought it back just to say that it is unnecessary? /sigh