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12.15.2011 , 04:05 PM | #11
I too paid for the pre-order last week. I actually paid an extra fee for pre-order with the impression I would be starting 5 days early. I'm not complaining because I am so looking forward to this game. On the other hand, I'm thinking $5 was wasted here. Had I known I wasn't going to get the full five days I would have waited for the game to come out and then purchased it. I do feel it is the responsibility of the consumer to research what they buy, but this one is a little iffy to me. I don't remember seeing anything about not getting the full five days.

In any event, I can wait. Its only $5 bucks. This did teach me a lesson. Any game I want to pre-order, I will either do so as soon as the option is available, or just wait for the game to come out. I can definately understand the technical reasons for this staggered approach to early entry, but I also paid for a 5 day head start. At least thats what I thought.
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