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Just in case anyone googles this and see this thread the quest is really not that bad at all provided you have the right CC (which goes for any Heroic 4 by and large). My guildmate and I did this with companions by playing Sage and the other a Sentinel (Seer and Watchman spec-ed respectively) with Tank and DPS pet. We were both level 29 at the time and our gear consisted of all crafted blues and no purples (to give you an idea Qyzen in full blue had 7K health).

This is how we did the fight.

Initial Pull over Bridge.
Force Armor everyone. Send Qyzen against the furthest right Duelist, Kira to follow on same target. Sage CC the furthest left Elite and Sentinel CC (droid stun) the furthest left droid. Burn down the 3 targets on the right (assuming you know what you are doing 10K health mobs should not be an issue at all).

Once done and you enter camp pick and choose your battles. The prisoners/guards groups are all spaced out and there are no wandering mobs. Choose fights you can CC. So for us we picked groups that had both elite Droids and elite bio. Qyzen goes in first. Sage CC the ranged bio, Sentinel CC the ranged droid. This effectively cuts the group in half. Rinse and repeat until all 4 prisoners are rescued.