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Too bad those strengths are non-existant. For a Powertech, if you spec deep sheildtech and actually use the tank gear, you are just as squishy as a dps, barring a few extra hp, and do significantly less dps while also having less interrupts/cooldowns than a dps spec. That's not even going into the fact that interrupts in this game do very little, 8 second cooldown that only affects 1 spell instead of entire spell tree for 4 seconds, at the cost of heat and damage is pretty much useless in pvp.
First off we were discussing his Jugg not your Powertech. I haven't played one and really don't know much about the class. Secondly the part where you saying that an interrupt does very little is where you're already giving up. Inerrupts on sorcs do a lot, if you interrupt them at the right time. Not giving away the prize though, you have to do research to figure that one out.