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Had a 1v1 other day with Counsler.I'm a juggernaught, got nice PvP gear, but he beat me flat.Counslers have too many buffs, I did ~10 k dmg to him, and his shields apsorbed it all + he was healing himself the whole time, when I deal something he instaheals it.In the end I got killed, and I had taken ~7% of his life away, so yeah, counslers are not immortal, and ironicly don't soak up more dmg then tanks.

So in otherwords you play a tank that's strengths are; taking damage, interrupting and dpsing. (in order of greatest to least) and you failed to prioritize your abilities with those strengths, by going DPS, take damage, interrupt.. (did you even interrupt once?) and lost a 1v1.

Got it.