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02.26.2012 , 11:31 AM | #372
I'm not sure what all the hate is towards sorcs/sages, but I do play one. This choice wasn't based on reading OP threads or anything - just in MMO's I've historically played squishy glass cannons.

That said, they're not THAT hard to beat, but people haven't figured out the tricks to stomping them. I'd implore everyone to try to figure out what to do to beat them, because 90% of the sorcs/sages on my server get face-rolled by me just because I employ a couple of tricks, and yes i've been in warzones where 80% of the players are a sorc/sage. If you people would spend time figuring out how-to defeat opponents more, than spending time writing up why you think they're OP when they aren't, then your gaming experience would be vastly more enjoyable.

At this point i feel that troopers/mercs are the most OP class. Anything that can use 4 skills to roflstomp players is crazy, add in their heavy armor, shield and heals, and you have a beast of a character.

Here's a few tips for how-to deal with sorc/sages. Melee, interrupts and snipers. We're squishy, we're mobile, we hit hard, but we're not immortal.