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02.24.2012 , 12:09 PM | #26
That's interesting information, thanks, but I would like to hear more.

I am leveling a Sniper now, and Cover is a rather confusing mechanic, and creates a bit of learning curve for those who use it. There is no in-game information on what exactly it does. So can we get more information here?

I have noticed the 20% defensive boost, and obviously, the 'cover' hotbar that pops up, and of course the ability to use cover only attacks. I have noticed the green shields that pop up over the heads of enemies while behind natural cover.

1. What exactly are the benefits of natural cover? How much is frontal, and how much is 360?

2. How is natural cover better than personal cover?

3. How do these benefits change between standing (firing) and hiding (not firing), for both natural cover and personal cover?

4. Why didn't I have the personal cover shield in the 1-10 range before I became a sniper?

5. If taking cover is a basic core mechanic for these classes, that you are learning to use right from level 1, why do people keep saying that scoundrels and operatives are never ever supposed to take cover? Should they be?

6. Why does natural cover often seem to be difficult to find beyond the starting planets?

7. Are there any plans to improve upon the cover mechanic? Make the benefits clearer to us? Make it easier to use and to learn? Will you be adding more 'blocks to hide behind' throughout the game?

8. What about boss fights? For raid bosses in particular, there never seems to be anything to take cover behind. Any plans to change that?