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Have a look.

I only searched chest pieces since you can only craft chest legs head for these sets anyways to keep it simple. Unfortunetly I can't filter out armortech.

I doublechecked all the sets to make sure the schematic existed.

I put the cost in at 1000 since the sets that came up before mob dropped sets "Jedi Battlelord" and whatnot were in a whole different price range.

HEAVY - 7 Per faction,name

MEDIUM - 8 Per Faction

LIGHT - 8 Per Faction

Hope that helps.

Thanks, Ror. The lower level sets for Heavy Armor are those for Armormech, so it seems we're still looking for the missing level 11 and 15 Heavy Armor sets for Synthweaving . We're trying to get the screenshots up of all the looks. RyougaAyanami provided some great ones for the Imperial sets and I'm going to try and add to those tonight.
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