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02.24.2012 , 02:59 AM | #5
Its been broken since release and no fixes at all, despite numerous posts and tickets sent by many people- at least remove the quest so we dont waste time attempting it until you have fixed it properly.

To be fair to your player base it's pretty shoddy to leave the same post 'we know and will fix it' when clearly you have done nothing at all to attempt to fix it in any patch it's also a known and reported bug left for some 3 months before even attempting to fix it is it not?

And oh yes Sabotage does do the same thing as it's just done it for me. So two of the 6 daily's on ilum are broken and have been known issues, if you do a search, for quite a while. Also there has been no mention in any patch notes regarding fixing end game content that has been reported as broken ad-infintum.

An end game daily commendation quest broken since release and not addressed at all with subsequent patches and fixes.........way to go.