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02.23.2012 , 10:08 PM | #37
A day late and a dollar short.. I couldnt take my instant abilities having a 3 second animation any longer and cancelled 2 days ago. I have decided that with the piss poor (ZEROENGINE) game engine they used and the lack of bugs being quickly fixed that i wont be back.

They are rushing in new content which is all good but whats killing the subs more than anything is the bugs and the abilities all buged favoring empire. Ironic that the quick animations are all on empire side ? I wont support a developer than doesnt look at their game as a single peice of work instead of favoring the empire like they do now. It makes me sick and this game will have a few faithful who hang on and by this time next year they be lucky to have 3 servers active.

good luck