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((Greetings fellow players. Its been a while since my last post and with good reason; life has taken a few busy turns for me. So to keep this short I decided to post a family dynamic on the concept of Sith tradition. Enjoy.))

House of Vul'canis

In the outcroppings of the jungles of Dromund Kaas rests the estate of Darth Vul'canis where his descendents live and train to preserve their way of life. Besieged by enemies around the imperial court these proud warriors and inquisitors of Sith pureblood show no mercy to any threat to their grand house. Lead by one who holds the title of "Arch", they strive to become the best yet the lure of power from the dark side brings about the threat of internal conflict with family loyalty. Now two brothers must make choices that could ensure succession or destruction. Is power worth more than the bonds of family?

In'fer'us: Veteran warrior from the galactic war and possible choice for Arch. He is dependable but fierce when railed. His skill with a lightsaber is said to be unrivaled amongst the family. He wishes more for stability then power; he desires to see his children grow into true sith.

Em'ber'us: Ambitious, mysterious inquisitor and younger twin to In'fer'us. Also fought in the Galactic war. Though weak in frame his command of the force rivals those upon the dark council. Even close relatives keep wide berth of him. He seeks the ancient teachings of sith lords past not just those preached by the family heads.

Brim'tar: Cousin to the twins. Wishes to be Arch but knows he lacks the power and favor to achieve such goals. Works to help protect In'fer'us' family as well work behind the seams.

Scor'ch: One of the runners to be Arch. Though the blood seems to run the thinnest in his family line, Scor'ch plans to take the title of Arch to prove once and for all that he is true sith. He feels his achievements during the galactic war was overlooked and holds resentment to In'fer'us

La'vas: One of the runners to be Arch. She aims to succeed her father for her own gains. She holds a corner of her aggression towards Sahara due to her exquisite beauty

Sahara: Wife to In'fer'us. Mother to Sul'Fer'us and Flam'rus. She holds great distrust towards Em'ber'us as she fears he could bring down her plans to make one of her offspring to be Arch. Considered to be one of the most beautiful women of the house despite her not being a blood relative.

Sul'Fer'us: First born son to Sahara and In'fer'us. He is considered by many in the family to be the whelp and aims to disprove this. He has much to learn as he acts with more compassion then a sith should allow.

Flam'rus: Daughter to Sahara and In'fer'us. Though she can be cruel to her sibling she does general care for her family's welfare. She loves to play games especially ones that involve politics and people's lives. Her control of the force makes her the envy of the younger generations; There is rumor that Em'ber'us may take her as his apprentice.

Darth Mag'mus: Arch of the house and lord of the sith. Father to La'vas. He holds the teachings of Vul'canis as truth above all others. Mag'mus seeks to regain the family's lost seating in the dark council by any means necessary.
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