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02.23.2012 , 08:19 PM | #642
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i mean, i understand why this shouldn't happen, and i don't agree with what this player did, but why, oh why, would you choose to teleport across the map like this? are you that afraid of dying? hell, you probably could have taken him anyway. worse case is you die, and are teleported to the closest medbay. that's a much more desirable result than wasting a fast travel across the planet.

i suppose this is fixed now anyway, but this just struck me as really odd.
The problem is that these griefers who did this usually were around level 50, and doing it to people who were far lower, basically making it impossible for them to do quests in an area. Dying and teleporting to the nearest medbay didn't really mean anything when that high-level griefer just kept hanging around the quest area anyway, stealthed and waiting for someone to use an AOE ability so he could force-flag and gank them. So yeah, this is definitely a much-needed fix.