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The solid world dissolves and the Girl glides upon her dreams. There is neither sound nor color. There is no darkness or light. The world around her simply persists. Its heartbeat is her heartbeat. Its wind is her breath. And each breath launches her skyward. Rising and falling with the currents of her mind, the Girl tumbles into herself like a leaf upon a breeze. She cascades about the Void; her quintessence is but a feather.

Without warning, she is suddenly heavy. An anguished gravity weighs upon her shoulders. The accumulated density builds, as it always has and always will. The force shoves her down. She falls, accelerating faster and faster towards terminal velocity. With each passing second, the Girl careens further and further into the depths of her mind. Her eyes grow wide and her face shifts pale. The ground lays before the Girl, rising to meet her, eager to see her broken. And the Girl fears. She knows that she will shatter upon impact. Splinter into worthlessness.

The end approaches. The Girl shuts her eyes and prays. She knows not to whom.

"Anyone," she pleads. "Save me."

Only the darkness replies: "No. Save yourself."

The Girl hits the ground like a freshly wept tear. She is not broken. She is absorbed. The ground claims her, pulls her in, caresses her gently, and then lifts her safely to her feet. She stands, unsure of what rescued her. With a sigh, the Girl releases all of her doubts. It is just in time.

The nostalgic weight of a weapon fills her hand. Her familiar opponent stands before her. The Girl laughs. The Void laughs. The Ghost laughs. With her. At her. As her. The mere idea of defeat is so absurd that her ordeal is now a comedy. Suddenly, the Girl is aware that this is her world. Her grip tightens on her weapon. She holds it low and leaves it at her side. And then, she runs.

The Ghost charges to meet her, stampeding with the collective rage of a thousand rapid beasts. Each of its steps thunders like an approaching storm. Within moments, the Ghost is upon her. And the Girl does little more than spin, twisting her body to orbit her foe. Her blade smashes into its head. The move is simple, crude. It works. The Ghost bursts like a supernova of visible darkness, disintegrating into the Void.

And the last act the Girl achieves before melting into a warm sun's ray, is to smile. Proudly.
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