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I'm usually 3-5 levels over a planet by the time I first step on. By the time I can buy the blue mods from it, they're now like 3 tiers or more below what I can make.

The way i see it purple synth gear is better than purple modded gear due to the augment slot, but you only have to learn one purple mod per level you want purple gear at. You have to RE each individual purple piece with weaving.
But on the flip side, none of the crafting skills can create all the mods needed for a standard orange armor or weapon, so even though you can create purple armoring and mods, that piece you customize will not be as good as a purple snythweave of the same level (unless the item doesn't have an enhancement slot). I go back and forth with weapons in Armstech because of this, since the only mod I can directly generate on my orange blaster is the barrel. (But I like my pistol model too much to use another, so my weapon crafts go to my companions.)

I do agree that commendation vendors take a lot of the excitement out of crafting. I don't feel like making much with my Cybertech alt when I can get blue mods after every planet that are usually superior to what I can craft for my level without constantly going through the effort of RE my mods for upgrades.