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I was always nice to Baras, he's one of the only characters in the game that has any confidence or politeness with you. Every other class is 'be careful' or 'don't get cocky' or 'you're a stupid alien, SLAVE.'

But Baras was a pretty good guy, as far as Darths go. He always used his indoor voice, congratulated me on my achievements, praised me when I exceeded his expectations, and generally wasn't a jerk up until he betrayed me, but hey- You don't get to live to be a Darth if you let your apprentice get stronger than you, that's just Sith business.

oh, except for that one time- I FEEL YOUR ANGER MASTER.

That's just funny.
I agree with you. I don't know why people hate Baras (just because he's weird and fat and evil?) I actually enjoy most of my conversation with him. He's not bossy or anything, and he always ask you to do things in such a nice way. Once or twice I was rude just to annoy him, but he normally takes it very gracefully. I remember once I said something rude, and he replies: that tongue of yours will be the end of you (or something alone that line). I feel that he's really in control of things, that allows him to look pass my defiance and utilize my skill.

I really like most of the dark lords I encounters, like Darth Jadus of IA story line, totally ****** (except for that stupid fight....). Darth Baras might not look like much but he's actually pretty cool.