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02.23.2012 , 12:18 PM | #36
My mortar volley 2 cents...

first cent: You can't get the reticle for either of the aoe abilities until the GCD is off. I should be able to click the hotkey while the GCD is counting and have the skill ready to go when the GDC is over.

second cent: It never fails in a warzone, (and this could only effect me and my machine) but whenever I try to use mortar volley the channel will complete, during that time no rounds will be fired and no damage will be calculated. Then a second after the channel is done and i start running around, THEN the 3 rounds start coming out and the damage starts calculating. So now I have to try and guess where my target/targets will be 6 seconds in the future to make sure my mortar does damage. unacceptable.
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