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02.23.2012 , 09:33 AM | #11
It was my pleasure! You're quite welcome.

Getting the shots wasn't hard; I just previewed the items on my character and her companion, took screenshots with FRAPS (since, for some reason, Print Screen only gives me a blank image in this game), and pasted each one into half the selected area of a small image using the GIMP picture editor. I should probably post them to DarthHater, but I'd already put them on TORhead and didn't think of doing the same for other sites.

Yes, I've seen none of the lower-level items that were lacking in your list. I would suspect the schematics for heavy 11 and 15 are just rare (though this seems unfair!), but there's nothing about them on TORhead at all. It wouldn't surprise me about there being no sub-19 circlets, though, since you don't even get regular green headgear patterns from synth until, I believe, level 26.

I'd say it'd do no harm to remove the placeholders from level 19 downwards. We can always put them back in later, if needed.

Anyway, do you want to edit your post to add my info, so that we don't have two separate giant lists?