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Trymbo is the winner of this thread, hands down.

"When you get blown up, come back and tell me about it! EVERYONE ELSE HAS!"
"Now I'm... I'm smelling (something or other berries). Oh! OH! That would be... terrible in an Alderaanian stew!'
"My wife told you that, didn't she? Don't listen to her, she's been dead for twelve years!"

"Yeah, I met him. He's a few freighters short of a convoy, if you know what I mean."
"Tell me about it. Every time I talk to him he thinks I'm his dead uncle that got sucked into a black hole."

Edit: I just like his tone of voice. The VA did a good job with him.
"Bet you heard we ain't in the pris'ner takin' bisness. We in the killin' Imperial bisness." -Me, before every Warzone

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Explosive, you always make so much sense. And here as well you do not disappoint.