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If you actually get the app to work and you start using your Security Key.....DO NOT uninstall the app.......EVER!!!

I had mine working on my phone and had to reset my IPhone because it wasn't backing up. Once I did this the app was no longer linked to my account. Called SWTOR and they blamed Origin. Called Origin and they blamed Apple. Called Apple and they want to charge you before they will even talk to you.

Nobody can reset the Security Key. If you have to reinstall the app then you will never log into the game again.

Been on the phone either on hold or talking to somebody who says they cannot help me for 7 hours. Sent out emails with no replies.

All I want is the Security Key authentication removed so I can play the damn game.

My last option through Origin is to refund my money. Maybe that is a hit to get out while I can?
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