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Damn you Bioware, this has got to go!!

If I go Sith Inq, you're nearly forcing me to go Artifice, as Inq's top crew crit is Artifice Crit +5.
I don't see how...

I mean, if you wanted to go Biochem, what difference does it make the bonus on Artifice? Sure, if you're min/maxing, you're losing out on the +15 bonus. But on the other hand, Sith Inq only gets +2 to UT and +5 to arch, so you're really nerfing yourself when it comes to mats.

Alternatively, if you took the hit of having a +0 in Biochem, you have the benefit of getting a whopping +10 in both your gathering skills. -15 in your craft skill to get +13 in your gathering skills isn't really all that bad.
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