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Sweet, new digs!

So I've been thinking about the kind of characters I want. My favorite (and head canon) DA2 romance was and always will be male mage Hawke and Fenris. There is something about love and affection overcoming politics, personality and prejudice to such an extent. It's just incredibly rewarding for me to throw two opposite people at each other and see what happens.

For my Smuggler, there's pretty much only one. Corso or no one. If it turns out we don't get him I'll just leave that character in his slightly unhappy universe. Nothing good can come of it without the sweet love of a farmboy.

I think my Consulars would be fine with anyone along the Zenith/Qyzen line - hard people who have no use for Jedi crap but fall for the reluctant hero anyway. Banter and clashing philosophies and everyone ready to sacrifice for the greater good. Epic!

Trooper, hell, I think my adorable little Cpt. America is already pretty smitten with the kitten. But anyone sort of gruff and with a mountain of trust issues. A galactic vagabond may work well, someone with a sharp, sarcastic tongue to temper some of my Trooper's idealism.

I have to admit though, most of the characters I have already have the perfect love interest - the current companions work pretty well for me in that regard, now I just need them to be actually available
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