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02.22.2012 , 01:14 PM | #5
Strange I just started a list myself last night to avoid buying the same schematics when i saw them on the GTN. Here's what I already have (ordered by difficulty not level)

Heavy Armour:
Fortified Electrum Chestguard LVL 50
Fortified Electrum Greaves LVL 50
Fortified Electrum Headgear LVL 50
Reinforced Diatem Chestguard LVL 47
Reinforced Diatem Headgear LVL 47
Warlord Elite Chestguard LVL 43
Warlord Elite Greaves LVL 43
Warlord Elite Headgear LVL 43
Fortified Phobium Greaves LVL 35
Fortified Phobium Headgear LVL 35
Reinforced Battle Chestguard LVL 23
Reinforced Battle Greaves LVL 23
Reinforced Chanlon Headgear LVL 31
Reinforced Phobium Chestguard LVL 39
Warlords Headgear LVL 19
Warriors Pulsing Chestguard LVL 27
Warriors Pulsing Headgear LVL 27

Medium Armour:
Ablative Resinite Headgear LVL 47
Ablative Resinite Leggings LVL 47
Resilient Polyplast Headgear LVL 50
Resilient Polyplast Leggings LVL 50
Resilient Polyplast Vest LVL 50
Marauder Elite Headgear LVL 43
Marauder Elite Vest LVL 43
Ablative Lacquerous Vest LVL 39
Ablative Plasteel Headgear LVL 31
Ablative Plasteel Leggings LVL 31
Marauders Leggings LVL 19
Marauders Vest LVL 19
Resilient Lacquerous Headgear LVL 35
Resilient Lacquerous Vest LVL 35
Resilient Lacquerous Leggings LVL 35
Sith Combatant Headgear LVL 27
Sith Combatant Vest LVL 27
Sith Dueling Leathers LVL 11
Sith Dueling Pants LVL 11
Warriors Leggings LVL 15

Light Armour:
Anointed Zeyd Cloth Headgear LVL 50
Anointed Zeyd Cloth Lower Robe LVL 50
Anointed Zeyd Cloth Vestments LVL 50
Traditional Brocart Lower Robe LVL 47
Traditional Brocart Vestments LVL 47
Sorceror Adept Headgear LVL 43
Sorceror Adept Vestments LVL 43
Anointed Demicot Headgear LVL 35
Dark Acolytes Robe LVL 11
Dark Acolytes Lower Robe LVL 11
Traditional Demicot Headgear LVL 39
Traditional Demicot Vestments LVL 39
Traditional Nylite Headgear LVL 23
Traditional Thermoweave Headgear LVL 31
Traditional Thermoweave Lower Robe LVL 31
Traditional Thermoweave Vestments LVL 31