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Awesome how long we have to wait for this to be fixed when this issue and FullAutos has been around for more than 2 months. It has been around since early beta.

Republic is on the bottom of their agenda.
Amusingly enough, we share at least SOME bugs with our BH bros, though they definitely have less of them.

BH's and Troopers have the same issues with cells- Ion Cell deals less damage than the tooltip, and Plasma Cell/Cylinder apparently is missing it's initial tic when applied.

I've always thought that SWTOR needed at least three months of good QA work to really get up to full speed, and now thanks to being actually in production, their priority chart for bug-squashing is all over the place.

Right now, Troopers work, though not at all "working as intended" in some cases. That keeps us off the "FIX ME RIGHT NOW NOW NOW" list.
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