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I disagree Aethos. It doesn't take the purchse of in game money using real money to purchase things in WoW, it just takes some effort to make money yourself. My first mount in WoW all but bankrupted me, I even had to borrow about 10 gold from a friend.

By the time my alt was buying a mount, he had 3 times as much gold as was needed.

What saves MMO economies is a money sink. Something to keep inflation down by diverting in game currency away from the players. As long as TOR has sufficient money sinks, and ones that players are motivated to participate in, inflation in TOR will be managable and while prices may rise enough to be difficult for first time players to afford, by the time they're ready to roll an alt those prices won't be as prohibitive.
You misunderstood me. Tokens are bindable forms of currency for in-game items that are gained from accomplishing things in-game, like "shoulders of the forgotten vanquisher" since you're familiar with WoW. As for gold farmers, I said that they can benefit because they have the thousands, or tens of thousands of in-game currency to corner a market and raise prices. I didn't mean that it's necessary to buy gold with actual money. I was saying that to participate in the market effectively, you have to spend a terrible amount of time farming yourself to be able to participate.
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