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This is why I really enjoy this game and I don't understand people who belittle the choices and freedom of the story. Even if the major plot points don't change radically based on your light/dark decisions, the vibe of the story and your character's personality is completely different.

Anyway, labels are always imprecise. Anti-hero and anti-villain are fine if you want to a nice label on your character, but I don't think it's necessary. I think it simplifies things too much to do that.

I think a dark-side Jedi is more interesting than a 100% light-side Jedi, because he or she is a flawed character, and they're always more interesting and more human. Even in the movies, there are times when the most heroic Jedi characters say or do things that might have awarded them a few dark-side points. Depending on where you choose to make your dark choices, you may be someone who wants to do right but is impatient and bad-tempered. Or you may be a good person who hates the empire so much that you can't stop yourself from hurting and killing them at every opportunity. Or you may be completely sadistic and evil, but still loyal to the Republic.

Conversely, a light-side Sith could be seen as a good person in a bad situation. Your whole life and family are with the Empire, so you don't want to believe that you're part of something evil. Or you might believe that the Empire is evil, but figure you can do your part to try and change that from within. Or you might be kinda evil yourself, but you still have enough of a conscience so that there is a line even you won't cross.