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I think you get some of the most interesting characterizations and concepts by playing 'Against the grain' so to speak.

Light side Sith, Dark side Jedi, etc. It's a little less dramatic with other classes, since by definition they are naturally 'grey' and not as polarized.

However, I play my Sith as someone who sees and recognizes that at the very top the Empire is broken, that the Emperor is insane and the Empire does not adhere to the values it espouses. However, she firmly believe sin those values, and believes that if the Empire could be brought in line with them, it would be a good thing. She believes in the idea of a meritocracy (Being a slave who became a Sith Lord by her own merits, that's an understandable position). She doesn't coddle the weak, but at the same time feels that people should not be held down, and given the chance to show that they can be more than fodder (The troops on Hoth, who she endorsed as being able to surprise the Moff who dismissed them as 'disposable'). She's not seen much from the Jedi that's so admirable... her experience has shown her Jedi who have abandoned and dismissed those that loved them and sacrificed everything for them to pursue the power the Order could give them, Jedi who manipulated whole races to fight their wars for them, creating the schism between the peoples of Voss and condemning them to eternal conflict. The Sith are no better, true, but they are at least honest about what they do and what they are.

I'm planning a Jedi alt next, darkside, and see how that goes.