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NOTE: Anti-hero is defined as; (according to TV-tropes) a villain with heroic goals, personality traits, and virtues. Their desired ends are good, but their means of getting there can be defined as evil.
Good topic, because today I started a dark-side consular. Just to be clear, this isn't about being grey - or having my own morals - I am forcing myself to, if there is a choice, to accept the dark-side option and so play as the story leads me. I have a smuggler that is grey, an inquisitor that is dark and a knight who is light so this is my first run through the 'opposite' side to how you'd expect for a faction.

I wanted to say though that the definition of anti-hero given doesn't describe my dark-side consular ... purely based on the levels 1-10 I should add. The dark side choices so far have been selfish and nothing to do with heroic goals, traits or virtues..


I am enjoying the break from the cloying goody goody control your emotion play of light side Jedi, but I do find it very amusing how I am just given a stern talking to when, for example, I killed the pilgrims or called my masters friend an ugly monster, and still get to graduate as a Jedi
It is like carte-blanche: I know the quest chain will still carry on whatever I do, so I can be as rude as I like, rise to anger and kill anyone that gets in my way, lie, cheat, work for personal profit and various other things that would ordinarily get me a promotion if I was a Sith.
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