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I'm currently leveling a neutral-to-dark (or Dark Grey, if you like) Sith Warrior as my main character. I have made plenty of LS choices so far, and I felt that each one of them was justified given the way I imagine and view my character.

When Vette asked me to remove her slave collar, I did so at once. The reason was not so much out of mercy or pity, but because at this point I had recognized that she's useful and I realized she'd be even more useful if she's not miserable. And besides, wanton cruelty means nothing to my character. When he kills or tortures someone, it's not for pleasure, it's always with a purpose. It served no purpose to torment Vette and now I have a useful and willing servant in her instead of a slave who hates my guts.

Later, when I

On Tatooine, when I

Now I'm on Alderaan and I'm

There are of course many more instances where I defined what sort of a person my character is. Overall, I'd say that he's definately a villain, even though his alignment isn't that dark. He doesn't have qualms about commiting murder and even if he shows mercy it's always with an agenda in mind.
However, he is not a monster and he wouldn't hurt or kill someone who isn't a threat or a tool. He's not a raging maniac. He's also neither a true patriot, nor a loyal and devout Sith. The rampant jingoism of the Imperials is appaling and most Sith are just slaves to their basic animalistic urges. No, my Sith Warrior is out for himself only.
This is what the Dark Side means to him - one's goal should be to break free of the shackles of morality and obedience in order to be able to truly reach out and grab his dreams. But he's also cunning enough to realize that you can't just take on the whole world and flip it off. Hence he's biding his time, watches his back and is always ready to go up the Empire's heriarchy. Baras is a dead man, but I always fake toadiness when with him - the time will come and he'll get what he deserves.

See the beauty of the neutral alignment? This a nuanced character, whose actions are controversial and don't follow a simple pattern. But he's definately a villain. Just not the typical rampaging brute or a cackling madman.