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12.13.2011 , 10:24 AM | #8
I would support an LFG tool as long as it is server only. My experience was that a cross-server dungeon finder made people care less since there wasn't a consequence if someone wasn't nice in a party. When people played only with people on the same server the word 'reputation' had a meaning. With a cross-server LFG tool it's just "who cares if I leave/ninja I'll never gonna meet those people again anyway".

Before the cross-server LFG system I tended to know a lot of people on my server because I grouped with people on my server. When the cross-server LFG tool hit I got surrounded by strangers with whom I was never able to meet again even if I wanted to since there wasn't a way to /friend them even if they were nice.

Not using the LFG tool was not really an option since most people used it around me. We mostly sticked to guild runs with my guildies as PuGging was most of the time horrible via the Dungeon Finder.

I do not wish to argue over this, these are just my two cents.