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Don't worry, I'm avoiding spoilers because I found the Sith Warrior really DOES seem to have the best "Lightside" Empire story arc for Chapter 1.

It sounds like you haven't gotten to Tatooine yet.
Once you do there's a mission there for your LS Sith at the Oasis that if you're going LS will explain your motiviations more.

Once you reach the end of Chapter 1, when you're talking to your newest companion, it will ALL become clear.

There were a few inconsistancies... most espcially the missions near the end of Alderann at House Organa, but once you get to the end of Chapter 1 does make a case for why you did what you did.

Actualy the ony one I couldn't expain away was the mission where you fly out to the ship in space after Alderann. The Light Side choice at the very end seemed more dark (and from a certian point of view even MORE dark the the "Darkside" choices)