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The Empire is not inherently evil. The people in charge may be psychotic and evil, but the entire Empire is not. A light Sided Sith is someone who has the integrity and discipline to maintain a personal code, despite the pressure to to give in to darkness. A lightsided Sith kills, but not senselessly. A Light Sith is willing to make personal sacrifices to advance the Empire's goals. He's a villain, he does bad things and fights the "good guys", but in a lot of ways he's on the moral high-ground.

The Anti-Villain is the bad guy you respect; the villain who lectures the hero on morality; the willing Martyr for the Darkness.
... That's an interesting way of putting it. I, personally, do not see my Warrior as a "hero" in the view that she's about saving others above herself, or that she is entirely selfless.

In fact, most of what she does in some way benefits her- or, so it starts out at that way where she is concerned. (Later character development- mainly for my story -is that her "dabbling" in the Light Side begins to change her outlook on everything she was raised to believe in. Once she tastes the power of the Light, it is only a matter of time before she gives herself over to It fully...)

She doesn't believe in the "glory of the Empire" simply because it is all she practically knows. In fact, it is with a bit of removed disdain that my Warrior even became a Sith culturally (even though she is one biologically.)

She has come to believe and rely only on herself, but she also has no ill-will towards the non-Force sensitives and slaves.

Some of my favorite moments in my Warrior's storyline are:


One other element I absolutely loved was when:


When I came across that, I was not sure whether to choose the Dark option or not, and then I considered what my Warrior would do if she were real. And my Warrior is all about self-empowerment and control: whether that comes from the Dark Side of the Force or not.

... Basically, my Warrior is "good" in the sense that she has her own subjective views of morality and does not impose her will on others (to an extent), but she isn't a hero.

Don't know if that still makes her and anti-villain, though.
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