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Whats the purpose of being a healer Sage/Sorc in pvp?

this class had a purpose. Well I hope to believe that. I rolled both and Imperial healers have it made. My Sage has not been fun at all.

And you are right the bubbles are not a great shields. its more of a bubble that prolongs your death and waste your energy.
sorcs have the best aoe healing. I imagine they enjoy fights on doors more than other healers.

Bubbles are also not 'bad' by the way. They are still the equivalent of a 3.5k insta-heal that also has a speed boost attached to it. And healspeced you can bubble everyone on your team and run around with everything bubbled.

Sorc healers are the 'i make everyone a little harder to kill' support class.
Merc healers are the 'im duoing with a tank and you cant kill eitherof us lol' class
Ops healers aer the 'gotta go fast like 200 sanics' HoT class (since they can just run around stacking their hots while kiting/ccing stuff that tries to kill them AND ANNOY ME AND I WANT THEM ALL TO DIE BECAUSE ITS ALWAYS CAPTAIN FANCYPANTS WHO MANAGES TO STAY AT 10% HEALTH A LOT LONGER THAN HE HAS ANY BUSINESS BEING AT WHY DID THEY MAKE EVERY SINGLE SCOUNDREL SPEC SO %^$&#*( ANNOYING??)