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So laughable.

You actually have your rank in your sig and think a high rank in this game = good.

The top ranked player on The Fatman server afks 24/7 and has higher rank then you. I guess that means he is better???

LOL at anyone putting their ranking in their avatar.

RAWR I am battlemaster sentinel. RAAAAAAAAWR. That makes me better then sub rank 60 sentinels. RAAAAAAAAAAWR. L2p NOOBS!

What a joke. BTW I got my rank probably twice as fast as you solo queuing and winning most of the games. 5 min queues and rolling pugs vs instant queues and kicking the crap out of premades like yours and getting way more medals.

How to be as "good" as you (LOL). Find sorc/sage healer (cus all the other healers suck or require a much better player). Find tank to put guard on him (can be a moron as long as he stays near him). Find Mercs/commandos/sages/sorc with a keyboard/mouse.

Talk smack on people who don't roll premades, cus you are obviously more skilled. Quit game when rated warzones/arena comes out, because you will fail at them as hard as you failed at WoW arena.

This guy is serious business everyone. He is RANK 71 in a game where ranking is based on how many times you hit the queue button. He is L33t.
Yes maybe thats true, but your still the person who has trouble beating saga/sorcs and calling for nerfs, which no matter what class you are means you suck.