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Whats the purpose of being a healer Sage/Sorc in pvp?

this class had a purpose. Well I hope to believe that. I rolled both and Imperial healers have it made. My Sage has not been fun at all.

And you are right the bubbles are not a great shields. its more of a bubble that prolongs your death and waste your energy.
You know why people really hate sorcs/sages?

They are the special olympics players of the PVP world - they are the easiest class to play in WZs and put up high numbers, so everybody flocks to them. Look at your WZs for the day, you'll find that most of them are made up of 40-60% sorc/sage overall, even though they are only 1 of 4 classes on each side (25%).

You can literally join a WZ, spam nothing but Project/pebbles or shock/FL and get 6 medals at least, as well as be in the top 3 for damage at least. At the same time you'll have a good shot at ending up high on the healing chart and getting MVP votes.

They are by far the easiest, most brainless class to play to Battlemaster rank.