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As you mentioned WoW, I will compare to that. I don't like to compare this game to that, but I will. I played WoW during the "Classic" version before any expansions. The LFG tool that was implemented in WoW was introduced late in Wrath of the Lich King. So, I know very well what your example is like. I also know what it was like going back through the portals to get to instances in Azeroth from Outlands.

It seems that, thanks to other games, many just want to log in, press one button and be given everything. Whether that is loot, instant queue and teleportation to instances, and it ruins from the immersion of the game. I am in no way refering that you want that, but there are many throughout the gaming community that do want that, and many of them appear to be newer and younger gamers. Though that is how this generation has become, unfortunately.

However, new people will always be joining the game. Even now in WoW, while they are losing subscriptions, they are also gaining new players. These new players don't know anything different. They don't know what the game was before the WoW LFG system. They don't have to explore, they just have to queue and enter. Many of them wouldn't be able to tell you where the dungeon entrances are even at.

James Ohlen was exactly right in stating that it takes away from exploration and it does, but at what point to do you say exploration is not needed? At what point do you tell a new player, "You don't need to explore the game, hit this button and be taken there."

This may not be as big of an issue considering you enter all the flashpoints from The Fleet, but it ruined exploration in other games. I am a huge explorer in games and don't want that ruined here. I also enjoy seeing active worlds and not just seeing everyone in the major city.
Actually blizz implemented a LFG tool in TBC but no one wanted to use it, even after they got rid of the LFG channel. Wrath brought about match making, porting, and cross server functionality. I disagree with the idea that a LFG tool, even with matchmaking takes away from exploration and gets people to just sit in a city. What gets people to sit in a city is the combination of teleporting, boring zones, better rewards from matchmaking, and it's more efficient. Take out teleporting and people can no longer sit in the cities. Don't offer a reward other then completing the instance and don't make it more efficient then world leveling, and people have even less of an incentive to be queue monkeys. And if you want me to explore the world, then don't stick all the instances on the fleet, that's kind of counterintuitive...